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Discover how to attract quality customers and quickly grow your business with content.

Social Media Examiner Presents Largest Fully Online Content Marketing Conference

Dear Fellow Marketer;

Do you want to build a large platform of loyal fans and customers who love you and support your work?

Could you use some guidance and fresh ideas?

Social Media Examiner is happy to announce Content Success Summit 2013--an online conference designed for marketers and business owners who want to expand their platforms.

This conference will reveal everything from strategy to content creation techniques you can put to use immediately.

You'll discover all of the newest strategies, practical tips and real-world examples for using blogs, podcasts, video, webinars, email and online courses to establish marketplace credibility, build a loyal following and explode your growth.

Twenty-two experts will reveal all of the latest business-building tactics you need to know to benefit from content marketing.

Consider this: more than 16,000 people have attended our online summits and on average, 95% of attendees say they'd recommend our events to friends and attend again. This year we have an all-new professional development summit fully focused on content marketing.

Keep reading to see how this online conference works and to see if it might be useful for your business. And be sure to check out the free class from a prior summit in the yellow box to the right (below).

Here's to a bright future together!

Michael A. Stelzner
Founder, Social Media Examiner
and fellow marketer

P.S. In case you're wondering, content marketing involves creating content people love to share and using it to draw in your ideal customers, generate leads and build a platform. The result: you'll increase your exposure, grow a loyal following and achieve sales growth.

P.P.S. You don't need to do this alone. If you like the thought of joining a welcoming community of like-minded peers who'll share their experiences and wisdom as you journey together down this road, keep reading...

Act now and get $592 in free bonuses! Click to register.

WHO: This event is ideal for any business owner or marketer.

: This fully online summit will help you master content marketing with how-to sessions from actual content marketing experts and case studies from real businesses. Presentation topics include: establishing your content strategy, making your content great, blogging, video marketing, podcasting, email marketing, creating online courses, marketing with webinars and much more! A certificate of achievement will be presented to attendees who successfully complete the summit and pass an exam.

Here's the schedule: (or download here)

WHERE: At your home or office! You attend this live event using your computer (no long-distance bill or travel expenses!).

WHEN: Starting February 5, 2013 (spread over four weeks to improve learning and accommodate your schedule; scroll down for the full schedule). Plus you'll get recordings and transcripts of all live sessions.

WHY: You'll be able to quickly implement effective content marketing techniques, attract great customers and prospects and gain a unique competitive advantage. This event will help your business maximize the full potential of content marketing.

HOW: Registration is limited. Scroll down for the event costs. Click here to secure your spot and get $592 in free bonuses.

Event Highlights

Secure your spot in the largest online professional development conference for marketers seeking to master content marketing. By attending this online summit, you will:
  • Discover the best ways to market your business with content! (no guesswork... you benefit from the wisdom of those who've gone before you)

  • See how successful content producers operate and how you can achieve similar results (examples from other businesses will inspire you)

  • Pick up new content marketing strategies (you'll discover proven marketing strategies you'll be able to immediately apply to your business)

  • Discover how to grow a loyal following via blogging, video marketing, podcasting, email marketing and webinar marketing (you'll gain raving fans who'll become your standard-bearers without hesitation)

  • Uncover how to sell your products and services via content (you'll discover the ins and outs of turning loyal fans into paying customers)

  • Eavesdrop on the closely guarded secrets of the industry's top experts (interact live with content superstars such as Joe Pulizzi, Ann Handley, Michael Hyatt, Michael Stelzner, Mark Schaefer, Amy Porterfield, Gini Dietrich, Marcus Sheridan, DJ Waldow, David Siteman Garland, Pat Flynn, Derek Halpern and many other content marketing pros!)

  • Gain a leg up on your competitors, helping you stand out

  • Ask live questions and get answers (you speak live to the experts--no chat boxes)

  • Attend in your spare time and eliminate travel (you participate via the Internet in live sessions that are spread over multiple weeks--plus recordings and transcripts are included!)

  • Network with your peers and share experiences via a private and exclusive LinkedIn group

  • Become part of a genuine community of marketers and business owners just like you

  • And much more!

"Attend" Any or ALL of the Following Sessions

At traditional conferences, groups of sessions are often held at the same time, so it's impossible to attend them all.

Not this summit.

When you register, you'll be able to take advantage of EVERY business-building opportunity. Even better, if you miss a live session, we'll provide you a recording AND transcript for FREE.

The Sessions

Review the following session list. But remember, you don't have to choose. You get them all!

>> View/Print Flyer with Schedule

EVENT KEYNOTE: Why Content Marketing Will Transform Your Business

TOPIC: Content Marketing Strategy

Looking to employ content marketing for your business? Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute and co-author of Get Content Get Customers, will show you how content can transform any business. He'll reveal why content marketing works, the latest trends and exclusive research. Joe will also share case studies and actionable tips you can immediately put to use to attract and retain more customers.

DATE: Tuesday, February 5 at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)

How to Build a Content Strategy That Works
INSTRUCTOR: Mark W. Schaefer

TOPIC: Content Marketing Strategy

Do you need a content strategy? Are you looking for a proven plan that works? Mark W. Schaefer, author of Return on Influence, college educator and blogger will guide you through the insider tips and tricks you'll need to create a content strategy that delivers results. This session will help you build a solid strategic foundation.

DATE: Wednesday, February 6 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

Why Content Spreads: Applying Science for More Traffic and Customers
INSTRUCTOR: Derek Halpern

TOPIC: Content Creation

What makes content go viral? It turns out there's little things called social triggers. And when you use them right, it's like slapping a jetpack on the growth of your platform. In this session, Derek Halpern will reveal persuasive social triggers, how to use them, and most important: how to PROVE that they really work. Even if you thought, "this content thing just hasn't worked for me," you'll want to see what Derek has to share.

DATE: Wednesday, February 6 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

How to Create Social Videos That Drive Traffic and Leads
INSTRUCTOR: Amy Porterfield

TOPIC: Video Marketing

Are you looking for a creative way to convert your social media fans into customers? In this session, Amy Porterfield, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, will show you how to use short videos to attract high-quality leads. She'll reveal her proven blueprint to creating videos that showcase your products and services. You'll discover how to use videos effectively on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Amy will also reveal a little-known, easy Facebook ad strategy to gain massive exposure for your promotional videos.

DATE: Wednesday, February 6 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

How to Tap Fans and Peers to Build Your Content Empire
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stelzner

TOPIC: Content Marketing Strategy

Would you love the support of thousands of fans and the most influential leaders in your industry? During this session, Michael Stelzner (founder of one of the largest business blogs in the world: Social Media Examiner) will show you how to leverage the power of other people. You'll discover how to identify the needs of your target market, build strong relationships with key industry experts and how to effortlessly recruit others to create your content. With this knowledge you'll be able to execute successful content marketing efforts with ease and rapidly grow your business.

DATE: Tuesday, February 12 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

Ingredients for Hypnotic Videos That Compel Your Audience to Action
INSTRUCTOR: James Wedmore

TOPIC: Video Marketing

With 4 billion daily views, YouTube is an essential tool for your online marketing arsenal. Yet with recent YouTube changes, viewer interaction with videos is more important than ever. In this session, YouTube expert James Wedmore (author of The YouTube Marketing Book) will reveal simple and proven tricks for making better videos that convert viewers into raving fans who take action. Are you wondering what to say, how long to make your video or how to get your audience to share? Look no further! James shares his proven, in-the-trenches knowledge in simple to digest, actionable steps!

DATE: Tuesday, February 12 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

How to Build Your Platform and Get Noticed in a Noisy World
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Hyatt

TOPIC: Blogging

In today's hyper-noisy world, it's hard to get anyone's attention. You need a platform to be seen and heard. Thankfully, it's never been easier. In this presentation, Michael Hyatt (author of Platform) reveals a five-step process to build a successful platform leveraging the power of blogs. You'll gain practical, actionable steps you can immediately put to use.

DATE: Thursday, February 14 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

Turning Your Passion into Profits: How to Create Quality Courses that Sell
INSTRUCTOR: Pam Hendrickson

TOPIC: Online Courses

In this session, product creation expert Pam Hendrickson will share her tried-and-true model for turning your knowledge and expertise into information products and online courses. Pam will show you how to package your ideas and expertise to create a raving fan base and a consistent revenue stream. You'll discover insights, strategies and insider information that will save you years of time and frustration, accelerating your business growth.

DATE: Thursday, February 14 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

How to Grow a Loyal Audience of Listeners
INSTRUCTOR: Ileane Smith

TOPIC: Podcasting

During this session, Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips will explore the wide and wonderful world of podcasting. You'll discover ways to create compelling content for your podcast that will help boost your brand and expand your reach. She'll show you how to connect with a brand new audience of willing participants who are just waiting for you to get inside their heads and connect with them on a deeper level. You'll pick up strategies that will keep your listeners engaged and give you something to talk about.

DATE: Thursday, February 14 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

7 Content Marketing Tips to Increase Visitors, Leads and Sales
INSTRUCTOR: Marcus Sheridan

TOPIC: Content Creation

If qualified prospects are important to the growth of your business, this is a session you won't want to miss. There's one great key to content marketing that gets results—thinking exactly like a customer. In this session, Marcus Sheridan of the Sales Lion will share seven powerful tips to help you create content that your prospects and customers love. These tips will have a significant impact not only on the traffic to your website, but the leads and sales that follow.

DATE: Tuesday, February 19 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How To Create Compelling Content With Expert Interviews
INSTRUCTOR: David Siteman Garland

TOPIC: Content Creation

Are you looking for a fun way to create valuable content even if you aren't the expert? Look no further than the power of interviews. In this high-energy session, David Siteman Garland—host of The Rise to The Top and author of Smarter, Faster, Cheaper—reveals why interviews are the 'perfect storm' for creating amazing, sticky and sharable content people love. He'll show you simple tools you can use to create interviews along with his strategy for getting any guest on your show, even if you have no audience. You'll discover a step-by-step system for turning your interviews into a traffic-generating machine.

DATE: Tuesday, February 19 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

How to Start and Grow a Successful Podcast Show
INSTRUCTORS: Pat Flynn, Srinivas Rao and Michael Stelzner

TOPIC: Podcasting

Have you ever dreamt of having your own show? During this session, three successful podcasters—Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Srinivas Rao of Blogcast FM and Michael Stelzner of the Social Media Marketing podcast—will share their insights. They'll reveal what you need to get started, how to create successful show formats and reveal common pitfalls. You'll also have an opportunity to ask this super panel your live questions.

DATE: Tuesday, February 19 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

How to Use Multiple Platforms to Reach More People and Grow Your Business

TOPIC: Content Strategy

There are millions of people who are never going to find out about you and your brand—even though they actually want to find a brand just like yours. In this session you'll discover how to effectively utilize multiple content platforms to become a part of people's lives that would have never found you otherwise. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income will reveal his "content trifecta" and how using various content delivery mediums will not only let you reach more people, but will increase the authority of your brand. You'll also discover how this strategy can perpetually and automatically grow your business and make you more money.

DATE: Thursday, February 21 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

The Secret to Email Marketing: How to Grow Your List

TOPIC: Email marketing

You can have the best subject line, a killer email template and an incredible offer, yet if you don't have an email list to send to, none of that matters. Growing your list is the most important aspect of any solid email marketing strategy. However, it's not enough to think of list growth as a one-time effort. The average list loses 30% of its subscribers per year. In this session, email expert DJ Waldow—co-author of The Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing—will show you creative ways to grow your list. He'll reveal tips, tricks and tactics you can immediately put to use to grow your list.

DATE: Thursday, February 21 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

How to Create Content That's Valuable to Your Future Customers
INSTRUCTOR: Gini Dietrich

TOPIC: Content Creation

If you haven't already, you will be tasked to create content. Has the idea of creating valuable content got your head spinning? Gini Dietrich, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and blogger at Spin Sucks will walk you through how to create content that's valuable to your prospects and customers without focusing on your products and solutions. You'll learn how to consistently create great new content that your customers find valuable and want to share.

DATE: Thursday, February 21 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

7 Steps to Highly Effective Webinars That Increase Leads and Sales

TOPIC: Webinar Marketing

Are you using webinars to sell? Not all webinars are created equally. Some webinars bore while others inspire viewers to act. In this action packed session, webinar expert Lewis Howes will detail his proven 7-step process for easily and effectively running dynamic webinars that will grow your business. You'll discover how to get people involved, how to add more value to your presentation and ways to greatly increase leads and sales. Come ready to take notes-and never bore your audience again.

DATE: Tuesday, February 26 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

How Anyone Can Create Irresistible Content
INSTRUCTOR: Stanford Smith

TOPIC: Content Creation

Are you concerned you don't have what it takes to create valuable content? Stanford Smith, author of How to Sell With Your Business Blog, shows you why we're all natural-born content creators. In this session, you'll discover the five universal traits of content creators and how you can harness your natural talent to create content that gets noticed and shared.

DATE: Tuesday, February 26 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

How Content Marketing Transformed Two Small Businesses
INSTRUCTORS: Krista Kotrla and Steve Sheinkopf

TOPIC: Success Stories

We've all heard about successful online businesses using content marketing, but what about traditional businesses? Can it really work for an appliance distributor or a medical technology firm? Our two panelists are here to say unequivocally: YES! Come learn the secrets to their success and how they decided to go "all in" with content marketing.

DATE: Tuesday, February 26 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

13 Insider Tips to Get Your Blog on Track to Succeed

TOPIC: Content Creation

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is having enough fresh content to meet customer needs, feed social media efforts and support search optimization. During this session, content marketing expert Heidi Cohen reveals how using a blog as the centerpiece of your content marketing plan provides an easy-to-implement way to efficiently feed the content marketing engine. You'll gain actionable tips you can put to work immediately to all your content marketing pipeline while meetng your business objectives.

DATE: Thursday, February 28 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

Content REMIX: How to Reach More People with Less Effort

TOPIC: Content Marketing

The idea of creating content for a blog, a podcast, online video and everywhere else your ideal clients might find you can seem overwhelming. However, there are ways to take a single piece of content and repurpose it for multiple channels, slicing and dicing it to reach the widest possible audience. In this session, small business expert Rich Brooks will show you how to create great content and then serve it up for your prospects in a package they desire. From guest blogging to SlideShare, from podcasts to webinars, you'll learn how to make your content go further without reinventing the wheel.

DATE: Thursday, February 28 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)

5 Tips for Creating Epic Content That Breaks Through the Noise

TOPIC: Content Creation

How do you create the kind of content that's really going to break through the clutter and drive actual business? In this session, Ann Handley—co-author of Content Rules and chief content officer for MarketingProfs—will explore what it takes to create content that's truly epic. She'll share specific ideas you can use to create your own daring content. You'll discover what the research shows about brands that are breaking through the clutter, the five elements of great content and tips for the time-challenged (or overwhelmed) content creator.

DATE: Thursday, February 28 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

REMEMBER: If you miss a live session, we'll provide you a free recording.

>> View/Print Flyer with Schedule

Wow, that's some line-up! By the way, NONE of the sessions are off-the-shelf presentations that these experts have given a dozen times before. These are original educational experiences that have been created specifically for this summit--each containing insights, strategies and up-to-date tips that you can use to transform your business.

Want to know more?

Simply click on any of the sections below: open all | close all

How This Online Conference Works

How It Works

Studies frequently show people who attend such professional development events are more successful, reach their business goals faster, enjoy their work more, build better relationships and earn a higher income!

Here's how this event works:

1. Though this summit will take place online, it will be a live event.

The instructors will be presenting their sessions live in real time, right on your computer screen. You can listen and watch their presentations, and speak directly to the experts, asking questions and getting instant answers.

When you register, you'll be given a link and access information for each session. When the date and time arrive, you simply pull up your web browser, go to a web page, type in your log-in information and, voilà, you're "there." It's the virtual equivalent of walking into a room at a live conference and sitting down!

2. You can interact live with the presenters.

That means you can actually speak with the superstars.

During each session, you'll hear and see the lessons (so be sure to turn on your computer speakers!). The virtual room also offers interactive capabilities beyond what's possible at live conferences. You can participate in instant polls and download presentation slide decks to print out for note-taking.

Just like regular conferences, sessions last an hour, and will offer an opportunity for live questions and answers.

If you want to ask a presenter a question, we'll provide a toll-free number you can dial. A live operator brings you on the line (like a radio talk show) and you speak directly to the experts!

During live sessions, you can dial a toll-free number and speak live with presenters.

We also provide a private LinkedIn group where you can interact with presenters and fellow attendees. You also get a downloadable video recording of each session with transcripts!

Session recordings can be streamed online using a computer, iPhone, iPad or other HTML-5-enabled device--or downloaded to your desktop for playback.

3. Of course, networking is a big part of this event...

Our summits have active private LinkedIn groups for discussion and networking.

Many people who attend our professional development summits report the relationships they establish with fellow attendees are priceless... relationships that often continue to be a source of advice and support for years to come.

Between sessions, you can network with other summit attendees on the exclusive Content Success Summit 2013 LinkedIn group--available ONLY to event registrants (at one of our prior events, more than 1600 people networked in our private group).

You also get access to Twitter-based chat rooms where you can interact live with your peers.

4. Designed to fit your busy schedule!

This event was designed by marketers for marketers. That means we built it to accommodate your busy schedule. We've spread the summit out over 4 weeks, with multiple sessions each week.

You don't have to stop working to attend (AND you can begin applying what you learn immediately). Video recordings and transcripts from each session are provided for further study.

Each live session is available for playback and downloading the same day, at no added charge.

We'll provide a certificate of achievement for attendees who successfully complete the summit and pass an examination.

Is this event a good fit for you?

Is the Content Success Summit 2013 a Fit for You?

First, you don't need to be a techno-geek or twenty-something to use and benefit from content marketing. You might be surprised to learn that many social media marketers are aged 30 to 60.

If you find yourself in one of the categories below, the Content Success Summit 2013 is a fit for you:

  • The Small Business Owner: You're looking for a boost---likely a consultant, coach, local business owner, writer, agent, blogger, artist or general "gun for hire"--and see the potential of content marketing, but want to speed your path to success with the least effort and the greatest return.

  • The Corporate Marketer: You work for a corporation and have been tasked to manage the company's content marketing initiative. You likely face internal battles to convey how content could help the company, but you know there's real potential.

  • The Experienced Content Marketer: You've been using content marketing for a while, but want better results. You're ready to take your business to a whole new level by following the proven tactics of the pros and leveraging the latest techniques. Better response. Less work. More profitability.

If you find yourself in any of the above categories, Content Success Summit 2013 is an event you don't want to miss.

Common Questions Answered

I can't attend all the live sessions. Will I get a recording?

Yes. For each session, we'll provide a recording you can watch online or download to your desktop, so you won't miss a thing. If you have other commitments (like a day job) or if a session occurs at an inconvenient time, no need to worry. Even if you attend a live session, you'll still get the recording. You'll get access to recordings for 12 months from the day you purchase your ticket.

When are the session dates?

Here are the dates and times of each session. If you can't make a live session, you won't miss a thing! You automatically receive session recordings and transcripts. (Note: When you register, you'll get access to a downloadable schedule for Outlook, iCal or Google.)

  • Tuesday, February 5 at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)
  • Wednesday, February 6 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Wednesday, February 6 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Wednesday, February 6 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, February 12 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, February 12 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, February 14 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, February 14 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, February 14 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, February 19 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, February 19 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, February 19 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, February 21 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, February 21 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, February 21 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, February 26 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, February 26 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Tuesday, February 26 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, February 28 at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, February 28 at 1:15pm Pacific (4:15pm Eastern)
  • Thursday, February 28 at 2:30pm Pacific (5:30pm Eastern)

Are you outside the United States? Click here for a time coverter. Note: Select location: U.S.A. - California - San Diego.

Where is the event located?

At your home or office. Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. And you'll get the recordings, so if you miss a live session, no worries.

When are the bonuses available?

You will gain access to the bonuses immediately. So you can get started right away!

Will there be transcripts?

Yes. We'll provide FREE transcripts of each presentation in Adobe PDF. This will allow you to study and scan the content of each presentation.

How long are the sessions?

Each of the sessions is one hour in duration.

How can I ask questions during the summit?

Two ways. First, during the live presentations, you'll be able to dial a toll-free number (U.S. and Canada) and speak directly with the presenters during the live Q&A portion of each session. Second, we've set up an interactive LinkedIn group where you can post questions and get answers from your peers and the presenters (and this can happen the moment you sign up!).

Can I purchase just a single session, or just the recordings?

You can attend any or all of the sessions (or catch the recordings if you miss any). However, a summit ticket is like a Disneyland ticket--you get access to everything. If you want access to any of this great content, you must purchase your ticket before the completion of the summit. After the summit has ended, this exclusive content will no longer be available for sale and the recordings will only be available to summit attendees

What if I still have questions?

You can send an email to summit@socialmediaexaminer.com and we'll get back to you right away.

Act Now and Claim Your 10 Free Bonuses Worth $592!

To further sweeten this offer, you'll be provided 10 valuable bonuses worth $592.00—that's ten+ hours of outstanding content you can immediately watch and apply to your business. These business-building materials are yours for FREE, just by signing up for Content Success Summit 2013.

Free Bonus #1: Setting a Course for Blogging Success
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stelzner

Social Media Examiner founder Michael will reveal a comprehensive strategy to achieve long-term blogging success. He'll show you how to develop a blogging plan that works for your business. He'll also introduce systems that help you discover and store ideas that will keep your blog fresh and relevant. You'll walk away with a detailed understanding of whom you want to reach and a plan to reach them.

Free Bonus #2: Building Your Blog for Growth
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stelzner

When you start a new blog (or revive an old one), you need to ensure it supports the needs of your growing business. In this session, Michael will discuss topics such as hosting your blog on your company website, blog design, increasing blog performance and determining the right metrics to track. He'll also reveal important enhancements to optimize your blog for social media, search and smartphone readers. You'll become equipped to accommodate the massive traffic a successful blog can bring.

Free Bonus #3: Crafting Sharable Content That Creates Raving Fans
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stelzner

Have you ever wondered why some blogs seem to hit regular home runs with their content while others frequently strike out? In this session, Michael will show you precisely how to create the types of content that people love to share. He'll explore the elements of great content and reveal five types of content you can draw from to create a loyal base of regular readers. He'll explore fun ways to simplify the content-creation process. He'll also reveal how to attract outside writers who will create outstanding content at no cost. You'll walk away inspired with new ideas that will help your blog attract the attention of future customers and industry experts.

Free Bonus #4: Launching (or Relaunching) Your Blog for Success
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stelzner

With the right marketing plan, your blog launch can quickly propel your growth. In this session, Michael will reveal marketing and promotion ideas that will help your blog launch with a big splash. This session will help you develop a powerful launch strategy that quickly grabs the attention of key players in your industry. He'll share how to get some of those experts involved to help ensure your success. You'll walk away with a proven plan to get your blog the kind of traffic you need to quickly grow.

Free Bonus #5: Driving Recurring Traffic to Your Blog
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stelzner

With the right mix of marketing techniques, you can quickly increase your blog's traffic and growth. When this happens, you'll become less reliant on others and be able to grow your business. In this session, Michael will show you how to leverage social media to maximize your traffic. He'll also reveal special promotional tactics that enable you to grow your own list of loyal email subscribers. This session will help secure your industry prominence and enable significant sales growth for your business.

Free Bonus #6: 3 Simple Steps to Generating Massive Traffic With YouTube
INSTRUCTOR: James Wedmore

With over 3 billion daily views and 800 million users every month, YouTube.com is not just a place to watch distracting cat videos or the latest viral sensation. It is a powerful online community that gives you the ability to build a strong following and a loyal audience using the power of video. In this presentation, YouTube expert James Wedmore will break down and reverse-engineer YouTube's platform, revealing how you can make simple videos that actually get viewed and then get you traffic!

Free Bonus #7: How to Leverage Business Blogging for More Traffic, Leads and Sales
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stelzner

Are you tired of flushing endless dollars down the advertising toilet? Are you looking for a better way to attract relevant and repeat eyeballs to your website? In this high-energy presentation, Michael Stelzner, founder of one of the world's largest business blogs (Social Media Examiner) and author of Launch, will help you set a path to success with business blogging. He explores guest blogging versus building your own blog. He lays out a road map to building highly relevant content that people want to share. And he shows you how to generate leads and sales. You'll gain actionable tips and techniques that will help you quickly achieve blogging success.

Free Bonus #8: 7 Effortless Ways to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing
INSTRUCTOR: James Wedmore

Thinking that video is a whole new topic that you have to learn and master? Guess again! In this presentation, James will show you--regardless of your video experience level--how you can leverage the power of simple videos to enhance your marketing and social media activities. You'll learn the right way to create and use video. The result: you'll stand apart from your competitors, position your business as the expert and get noticed! Whether you're looking for more traffic, brand recognition or you want to increase your sales, VIDEO is the answer. James will give you the step-by-step plan you need to put it all into action!

Free Bonus #9: How to Rapidly Grow Your Fans, Your Prestige and Your Small Business
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stelzner

Are you seeking a proven path to grow your small business? Do you want to know how social media could build you a more profitable business? In this high-energy video, Michael Stelzner (founder of one of the world's largest blogs-Social Media Examiner) will share the strategy he used to attract more than 600,000 monthly readers and generate millions in revenue-all in less than two years. He'll draw from his 17 years of experience owning multiple small businesses. You'll walk away with a new and exciting way to rapidly build a following that will fuel your business growth for years to come.

Free Bonus #10: Building Your Small Business With Blogs (Panel Discussion)
PANELISTS: Brian Clark (Copyblogger.com), Lee Odden (TopRankBlog.com), Joe Pulizzi (ContentMarketingInstitute.com) and Mike Stelzner (SocialMediaExaminer.com)

Want to know how to create a blog that provides ongoing streams of traffic and fuels the growth of your business? During this session, the founders of four top blogs will share how they've built multimillion-dollar empires by producing regular and valuable content for their blogs. You'll discover how they started, what to avoid, and how they use their blogs to drive sales. You'll also have an opportunity to ask your questions live to our panel.

I think you'll agree that these FREE bonuses will greatly enhance your social media success. They're all yours for free when you register for Content Success Summit 2013. You get them the moment you sign up!

How to Register/Event Cost

Traditional professional development summits--featuring a line-up of world-class experts and providing a chance to network with your peers--often cost thousands of dollars to attend. And that doesn't include the added costs of travel, meals, hotel accommodations, rental cars and lost work time. Ouch! Not at Content Success Summit 2013!

At Content Success Summit 2013, you have no costs for travel, meals, hotels, cars or lost time! Why? Because it's an online event.

The registration fee for Content Success Summit 2013 is just $597. That's less than $29 per session.


  • One Ticket, One Payment: Get one ticket to Content Success Summit 2013 for only $597 PLUS get $592 in FREE bonuses. Click here to reserve your seat.

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and PayPal. (Note: PayPal is only accepted for the single payment option.)

The event begins February 5 and runs through February 28 (scroll up to see sessions and dates).

Sample It Guarantee: You can try the first two days of the event and still cancel for a full refund if you determine this event is not for you. Scroll down for more about this guarantee.

If you discover just one strategy that will attract better clients and increase your content marketing success, the investment in your professional development will have paid for itself many times over.

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Yes, you can achieve success with content marketing.

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Content Success Summit 2013 paves the way.

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Michael A. Stelzner
Founder, Social Media Examiner and fellow marketer

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This summit offers the best content marketing advice from the biggest names in the industry. Experience the first two days of the summit and see if it feels right for you. Just give it a try.

And if you believe it's not right for you and you don't want to sit in on any more sessions or use the materials, just drop us a line at orders@socialmediaexaminer.com within 48 hours of the summit start (no later than February 7, 2013), and we'll gladly refund your money and cancel your access. No hassles. No hard feelings.

Our goal is to serve you to the best of our abilities and help you gain measurable results. In fact, just a few weeks from now, you'll be amazed when you look back at where you started and where you're headed.

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Content Success Summit 2013 is a live online conference that'll enable you to increase your exposure, grow a loyal following and achieve sales growth with content marketing techniques. The world's leading content marketing pros will show you how.

Event runs February 5 to February 28 (fully online).


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Meet Your Instructors

You'll join 22 of the world's leading content marketing experts...

Joe Pulizzi
Joe is co-author of Managing Content Marketing and Get Content, Get Customers. Widely regarded as the world's leading content marketing expert, Joe founded the Content Marketing Institute, which includes the leading magazine for content marketing, Chief Content Officer, as well as the premier content marketing event, Content Marketing World.

Ann Handley
Ann is the co-author of Content Rules and chief content officer for MarketingProfs. She's a 13-year veteran of creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. Previously, Ann was the co-founder of ClickZ.com, one of the first sources of interactive marketing news and commentary. Prior to that, she spent 12 years as a business editor and writer for both local and national trade and consumer publications, including the Boston Globe.

Michael Hyatt
Michael is the author of the New York Times bestseller Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. He is also the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. After spending over 30 years in the publishing industry, he now writes, speaks and consults full-time. His blog has more than 300,000 monthly visitors. Michael has appeared on more than 100 television shows, including several on ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN and has been on more than 1,000 syndicated and local radio shows.

Michael Stelzner
Michael is the founder of Social Media Examiner, one of the world's largest business blogs according to Technorati and Ad Age. He authored the books Launch and Writing White Papers, and is the man behind industry conferences such as Social Media Marketing World. Michael also hosts the popular Social Media Marketing podcast. More than 700,000 people each month consume the content Michael oversees.

Mark Schaefer
Mark is the author of Return on Influence and The Tao of Twitter. He is also a marketing faculty member at Rutgers University and his blog Grow is among the top marketing blogs in the world. Mark is a globally acclaimed business writer, marketing consultant and innovator, receiving seven international patents for new product ideas with Fortune 100 companies.

Amy Porterfield
Amy is co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and a social media strategist. With 12+ years of marketing experience, Amy has worked with brands such as Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Anthony Robbins. She currently teaches entrepreneurs and small businesses how to leverage social media to gain greater exposure, attract quality leads and turn their fans and followers into loyal customers.

David Siteman Garland
David is the author of Smarter, Faster, Cheaper and creator of the web show and resource The Rise To The Top. Since 2008, David's interviews have been downloaded over 6 million times with guests including Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. David is best known for helping folks build their business by conducting interviews. His program "Create Awesome Interviews" helps people create their own interview show online.

Derek Halpern
Derek, the founder of the Social Triggers blog, is one of the most in-demand experts on using new media to attract customers. His breakthrough, science-based approach to social media, blogging and online marketing has changed the way tens of thousands of people use the web to grow their businesses. Derek is also the host of the Social Triggers Insider podcast.

Pat Flynn
Pat is the founder of the Smart Passive Income Blog, a blog he created to share his success with online businesses after being laid off in 2008. His blog has grown dramatically, due in part to a successful YouTube channel with nearly 1 million video views; a successful podcast which was at one point ranked the #3 overall business podcast on iTunes right behind Dave Ramsey and the Wall Street Journal; and a very honest, transparent, no-hype approach to everything he does online.

James Wedmore
James is author of The YouTube Marketing Book. He is also co-founder of Video Traffic Academy and founder of Video Sales Magic and Video Copy Pro. Holding a film degree from Chapman University, James helps businesses master video marketing. From traffic technology to conversion maximization, James creates video marketing strategies and assists in technical areas like production and syndication.

DJ Waldow
DJ Waldow is co-author of The Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing. He is also the founder of Waldow Social, a company that grows lukewarm audiences into raving lunatic fans with proven event, email and social marketing strategies. DJ has spent nearly 7 years in the email, social and community building world most recently at Blue Sky Factory (an email marketing company) as their Director of Community. DJ is an alumnus of the University of Michigan (Go Blue), a knowledge craver, a sponge, and a lover of beer, coffee, & people (in no particular order).

Gini Dietrich
Gini is co-author of Marketing In the Round and the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, a Chicago-based integrated marketing communication firm. She also is the founder of the professional development site for PR and marketing pros, Spin Sucks Pro. Her marketing blog, Spin Sucks, is a top-rated blog by Junta42, Cision and Social Media Examiner. Gini can also be found writing at Crain's Chicago Business and in various PR and marketing blogs and publications.

Marcus Sheridan
Marcus is co-owner of River Pools and Spas, the founder of PoolSchool.us—an educational site on selecting the right pool—and founder of the popular sales/marketing blog The Sales Lion. In less than 10 years, Marcus has built one of the largest pool installation companies in the country and has the most visited swimming pool website in the world. He accomplished all of this through content and inbound marketing.

Lewis Howes
Lewis is author of The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide and co-author of LinkedWorking. He is the co-founder of Inspired Marketing and founded the Sports Executives Association. He has hosted over 400 webinars, spoken to thousands at conferences and events, and educated career professionals and business owners around the world on the power of LinkedIn.

Heidi Cohen
Heidi is president of Riverside Marketing Strategies where she works with online media companies and online retailers to increase profitability with innovative marketing programs. During the course of 20 years, Heidi has obtained deep experience in direct and digital marketing across a broad array of products. Heidi shares her actionable marketing expertise every day on her blog as well as guest writing for Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner and ClickZ.

Pam Hendrickson
Pam has been producing, launching and marketing highly profitable products for many of the top names in the personal and professional development industry for over 20 years. Pam spent almost twenty years at Robbins Research International, Inc. where she worked directly with Anthony Robbins as the Executive Vice President of Content & Product Development. A magna cum laude graduate of Brown University, Pam has grown her consulting and product development businesses to seven figures in just under two years.

Ileane Smith
Ileane is founder of Basic Blog Tips where she provides tips on WordPress blogging, social media, podcasting, YouTube marketing and technology! She provides valuable tutorials through her blog and podcast on subjects like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and YouTube.

Rich Brooks
Rich is founder and president of Flyte New Media, a web design and Internet marketing company focused on helping small businesses. He is also the founder of the Agents of Change conference. He is currently an expert blogger at FastCompany.com and a regular contributor at Social Media Examiner.

Stanford Smith
Stan Smith is the founder of Pushing Social and co-author of the forthcoming book Born to Blog. Social Media Examiner named Pushing Social one of the top 10 social media blogs and Stan is a frequent guest writer on Copyblogger, Grow, Problogger and other popular content marketing sites. Through Pushing Social, Stan creates innovative high performing social marketing programs for high growth companies.

Srinivas Rao
Srini is the author of Relationship Marketing for Bloggers, the Skool of Life, and the host and co founder of BlogcastFM, a podcast that provides expert advice and proven strategies to help you grow your blog. Since its launch in February 2010, Srinivas has interviewed nearly 300 bloggers and achieved a 5-star rating in iTunes. He has been featured on CBS News and USA Today.

Krista Kotrla
Krista is the Vice President of Marketing for Block Imaging International. She also shares social business transformation insights about creating a culture of content marketing at KristaKotrla.com. She wants to inspire you to be a "Warrior of Enthusiasm" in your own workplace and help you lead a social business culture.

Steve Sheinkopf
Steve is the third generation owner of Yale Appliance and Lighting, one of the most unique appliance stores in the country. He has increased sales 32% over 3 years by integrating social media, strategic blogging and targeted email. At the same time, he has slashed advertising and outbound paid marketing to almost nothing.

Attendee Feedback

Here's what prior summit attendees had to say:

""Amazing source of how-to information. The marketing, the tips and strategies: priceless!" Terry Eccles-Pettet

"I just have to tell what an impressive series you have put together. The caliber of speakers was outstanding. Never have I witnessed a better-run online series than what you have created. Bravo!"
Gisela Clark

"Well worth the time and money. I especially like that there are no travel costs and that if you happen to have a meeting or otherwise can't attend, you can still read the transcript and watch the presentation."
Ed Vawter

"This was a super, jam-packed series of presentations--and truly helpful for someone just out of the gate like I am. Thanks again, I'll be back!"
Celeste Lawson

"Great conference--I've had at least 19 'ah-ha!' moments so far."
Jeff Evans

"This summit was filled with amazing information that you can put into practice immediately!"
Maureen Lloyd-James

"Finally, a summit that explains everything you need to know really, no frills."

"The amount of information blew my mind!"
Todd Young

"Great stuff, great education, practical, you'll love it! Great speakers, rich content."
Joy Ruth Morai

"I liked that we have time to review recordings if we missed a session."
Amanda Vogel

"It's great, up to date, relevant information and you're getting access to the best knowledge in the industry."
Emily Magers

"The presenters were very knowledgeable. I liked the fact that the recordings were available right away if I wasn't able to attend live."
Angela Remmert

"The information was very specific and relevant, with practical tips and action items that I could take away and use. Plus the presenters were personable and it was enjoyable to listen and learn from them."
Carol Lynn Rivera

"This summit was extremely helpful for providing insights and best practices for strategy and management."
Victoria Doucet

"A MUST attend!"
Timothy Snow

"This was super-informative with intelligent and proven speakers."

"Knowledgeable presenters. Good examples of how to put recommendations into practice."
Jeanne Cox

"The speed at which you got the videos out was impressive! I loved that."
Caroline Chen-Whatley

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